We are nimbhl. an award winning industrial design studio

Red Dot Award Winner

We believe perspective is the ultimate edge.

It opens our minds, it reveals what others don’t see.

Turn perspective into oppertunity.

As new technologies drive the world towards a cleaner future.

We seek disruptive trends.

We harness the power of data and reason to turn innovative ideas into economic impact.

Because we know that distription generates opportunity.

Our Mission

Partner with entrepreneurs, start-ups, existing businesses and stakeholders to design their physical product ideas to consumer.


Our Team Jayjohl

Jay is the CEO, founder and chief industrial designer at the Award Winning Industrial Design Studio nimbhl.

He oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.

Jay is passionate about the need for decision-makers to invest in design within their companies, believing design to be a cornerstone element of business.

Jay’s personal ethos is firmly grounded holistic, active living, values he truly carries with him.

Creative imagination and innate curiosity inform his work.