Injection Molding: The Definitive Guide [2020]

Updated March.09, 2021

Injection molding is a common 21st-century manufacturing method.
Thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers are the two types of materials used. However similar processes use glass (blow-molding), metal (die-casting), and elastomers.
Injection molding manufactures a vast array of day to day objects from IoT enclosures, transportation parts to kitchenware.
Injection molding is widely used as it has the ability to produce complex geometries at fast rates with feasible costs.

Chapter 1

Injection Molding Fundamentals

Whether you’re new to injection molding or looking to brush up on the basics these resources will either help get you up to speed or act as a refresher.
You’ll learn when, how, and why injection molding was discovered and the injection molding fundamentals.



Chapter 2

Injection Molding Part Design Fundamentals

You’ll learn how to design parts for injection molding around a set of design parameters.  Failing to adhere to these design guidelines will result in part defects and other problems.

Chapter 3

Injection Molding Materials


The materials we choose to manufacture your product effects costs, product performance and customer satisfaction and many other variables.
This chapter will inform you on the common injection molding materials used and how to determine what materials to use for your product.

Chapter 4

Injection Molding: Tooling Fundamentals

The injection molding process usually requires a custom mold specific for the part that you want to produce. The injection molding process usually requires a custom mold specific for the injection molded part that you want to produce. In this chapter you’ll learn what an injection mold tool is, what it does, how it works and how it’s designed from the article you intend to injection mold.

Chapter 5

Alternatives To Injection Molding

One of the keys to having a successful Injection Moulded Part is to ensure the components is designed following strict guidelines. You’ll learn the fundamentals of how injection molding products should be designed without causing defects and problems.

Chapter 6

Incredible Injection Molding Case Studies

Real life injection molding case studies. You’ll learn insights on how businesses use injection molding to mass manufacture their product.

Chapter 7

Other Great Injection Molding Resources

Other Great Injection Molding Resources that will benefit you.