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Industrial Design
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nimbhl had the pleasure of collaborating with Ethan+Ashe, a company committed to providing innovative, high-quality cocktail accessories, to create the Lab Series.
The Lab Series consists of the Lab Jigger, Mixing Beaker and the Lab Decanter.

To ensure precision and accuracy in the design of the Lab Series, nimbhl used mathematical approximations for size, volume, and the height of each measurement line. These calculations were used to create the decals on the glassware.

In addition, nimbhl utilized 3D Computer Aided Design software to refine the design’s accuracy and make necessary adjustments to ensure the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

After multiple iterations of hand-made prototypes, nimbhl successfully produced designs that were ready for mass manufacturing. The Lab Series has since become a popular product line for Ethan+Ashe, serving as a unique and innovative addition to their cocktail accessories.

Overall, nimbhl’s approach to design, utilizing precision and mathematical calculations, along with their expertise in Industrial Design, allowed for the successful creation of the Lab Series.

The Lab Series design offers a unique and enjoyable experience for cocktail enthusiasts.

Lab Jigger


The Lab Jigger is a clever borosilicate glass cocktail jigger that features 2oz / 60ml measurements and a double-sided design that flips upside down for quick ½ oz measurements.

Mixing Beaker


The Lab Series Mixing Beaker features graduated measurements to take the guesswork out of building one or more cocktails.

Black, easy-to-read Imperial and Metric measurements in a double-sided design.

Shatter-resistant lab-grade borosilicate glass with a sturdy, flat base and ideal pouring spout.

Lab Decanter


The Lab Decanter is an elegant 1L (34oz) lab-grade borosilicate glass decanter to showcase your favorite wine or spirit while keeping it fresh on your bar cart.

Airtight, polished stainless steel top with silicone stopper, BPA-free

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