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Introducing the revolutionary Njord™ Lip Balm – a cutting-edge innovation in lip care. Our team has poured their passion and expertise into creating a lip balm applicator design that not only nourishes and protects your lips, but also boasts a sleek and functional design that enhances your lip balm application experience.

At the heart of our design process was a meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of user needs. We started by sketching out various concepts, exploring different shapes, sizes, and materials. Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software, we translated our sketches into digital prototypes, allowing us to refine and iterate our design.

Through 3D printing, we were able to create physical prototypes of the Njord™ Lip Balm, enabling us and our client to evaluate different variations and test their functionality. We rigorously assessed factors such as ease of use, comfort during application, and portability. Our team carefully considered every aspect, from the shape and size of the balm, to the applicator, to the packaging.

The result is a lip balm with an innovative applicator design that sets it apart from traditional lip balms. Our sleek and stylish applicator is designed to effortlessly glide over your lips, providing a smooth and even layer of lip balm with minimal effort. The applicator also offers precise control, allowing you to target specific areas of your lips with ease.

In addition to the applicator, our packaging design is a perfect blend of form and function. The compact size of Njord™ Lip Balm makes it convenient for on-the-go use, fitting seamlessly in your pocket or purse. The packaging is also environmentally friendly, made from recycled materials and designed for easy recyclability, aligning with our and our clients commitments to sustainability.

Beyond the design, Njord’s Lip Balm is formulated with premium, natural ingredients that nourish and protect your lips, leaving them soft, smooth, and hydrated. Our lip balm comes in a variety of delightful flavors to suit your personal preference, making it a true treat for your lips.

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