If you had a product idea, how would you take it to market? [Quora]

by · March 25, 2021 ·1 min read

Create landing page (website) with your offer so for example say your new invention is a new pair of headphones. Get very basic renders or manipulate existing renders real photos of existing headphones remove all logos you can use OEM photos of products on Alibaba. In a video describe the product its features and the features benefits to the end user. The approximate price point. Ask the viewers a few questions after they’ve watched the video. Would you purchase our product yes or no. Why not etc…

To get leads run PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram etc… get at least 1000 responses

After this you can then majorly pivot to what the market really wants or ditch the idea.

The are many ideas but execution is the GAME, also many ideas aren’t profitable or many dont understand what it takes to truly execute and be a profitable business.


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